Visit us for your winter driving vehicle health check:

  • Engineered from the ground up – Our knowledgeable winter tire experts will help keep your family safe on the road. Winter tires are carefully crafted to provide the best traction in temperatures below 7°C.
  • take charge – Extreme cold can impact the performance of your battery. During your next service, let our Mazda trained technicians test your battery so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Safety is in the details – Worn out brakes can compromise your safety on the road. Schedule your brake inspection appointment today and ensure your vehicle stops safely in the winter months.
  • see clearly – New wiper blades are essential in bad weather. Streaking or missed spots are indications your wiper blades need replacing.
  • check your levels – Windshield washer fluid will be topped off. Brake fluid and antifreeze will also be inspected to make sure they're clean and at the proper levels.